Nina, Marcus, and Finn clash in a final confrontation about the future of their home and their own life choices. Nina makes a fateful decision.


“Sometimes you just have to decide: Which side are you on?” - Nina

Throughout history, whenever people have been dispossessed of their lands and homes, there has always been resistance. Once people decide to take a stand, though, the question becomes: what are we willing to do to defend our communities? What actions are we willing to take so that we don’t just resist, but possibly even win?

The ruling class is incredibly organized and strategic in its never-ending quest for power and wealth. On our side, it’s time to realize that political ideology isn’t enough. Individual rallies aren’t enough. And as hard as it is for us as writers and filmmakers to admit, even the greatest piece of art isn’t enough. Not by itself.

We need to organize -- in our schools, our workplaces, our families -- on a bolder, broader, and more interconnected level. That means experimenting with resilience-based organizing: applying our own labor to meet collective needs while contesting for power and broadcasting a transformative narrative. It means taking direct action that is strategic and strong enough to actually stop the gears of the hyper-capitalist machine. It means building our own institutions that team ecological justice with social equity.

The North Pole show is proudly produced by a social movement organization. We believe in pairing art with action, using our stories to change the dominant narratives in our country, and building as part of a larger movement for justice.

And now, we are inviting you to join us.

That might mean joining or supporting one of the organizations listed here on the site. It might mean starting your own organization. There are many ways to take action, but the key is that no one can do it alone. We all need to (re)build community and movement at a deeper level.

The North Pole isn’t just in North Oakland. It’s anywhere and everywhere that people and the planet are under attack -- from East LA to Eastern Kentucky, from indigenous resistance in the Arctic to the occupied factories of Argentina.

Are you ready to join the party?

Nina and the Polar Bears would be ever so grateful. This is a leaderful movement, and we need more leaders in this beautiful fight for our peoples and the planet.

Because hey, what else are you going to do right now? Go watch another web series?